What we believe

We believe what God has told us about how to get to Heaven

He has told us:

  • He is perfect and holy and so is heaven.
  • We are not perfect so we can’t get there by our own efforts.
  • We are all sinners who sin so our relationship with God is broken and can only be fixed by him.
  • The only way to repair our broken relationship with God and go to heaven is to believe in the Saviour God has offered to us. He has offered us his own Son Jesus.
  • That means that we need to trust in Jesus who lived a perfect life and died for us on a cross in our place so that we could have all our sins taken away.
  • Jesus didn’t deserve to die; he chose to die for those who believe in him.
  • Important point - Jesus did not stay dead. Death could not hold him by the power of the Holy Spirit he rose again and is now in Heaven. This truth gives us complete assurance that our salvation is real.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

John chapter 3 verse 16

What is the bible?

  • The bible is how God has chosen to speak to all of humankind.
  • Through human writers he has written down exactly what he wants to say to us
  • From cover to cover he tells us about his rescue plan for this broken world ruined by our sin.
  • From the start of the bible (Genesis chapter 3 verse 15) to the end of the bible (Revelation chapter 22 verses 20-21) God in love offers the gift of everlasting life through believing that Jesus died for us.