Our distinctives as Reformed Presbyterians

God has not left us guessing


Our humble aim with God’s help alone is to be reformed (meaning changed) by the bible alone in both what we believe and in what we do. In this aim we follow in a long tradition of “reforming” churches, who around 500 years ago, “reformed” back to what the bible tells us on issues like:

The Bible:

We believe the Bible is the perfect Word of God, which he has given to us as our highest authority. No man, woman or church court can claim higher authority than the Bible.

The Purpose of the Church:

We are to give God the glory – not ourselves, not church leaders, not buildings or anything else. The Living God alone – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is the God we worship and esteem most highly.

The Person and Work of Jesus Christ:

We believe Jesus was and is the Son of God; He is God from all eternity, who entered into human history and became a man. Unlike anyone before or since, he lived a perfect life, undeserving of death. His death and resurrection mean that he has defeated death, providing a way for men, women and children to be saved from their sins.

The Importance of Faith in Jesus Christ: 

We believe that only faith in Jesus Christ can take our sins away. We are not saved by doing better and trying harder; rather, having been saved by grace alone, we have the Holy Spirit within us, helping us to live in a way that pleases God.

We believe God really has told us everything he wants us to know in the bible. That includes how he wants his Church to be run and governed, exactly what we believe, what we sing to him, how we pray to him and how we are to live our lives!


This is a word to describe how the Church is governed. It simply means “led by several men.” There is no complex hierarchy of leadership mentioned in the Bible. Jesus Christ is King and Head of the Church and we see in the New Testament that he has chosen to care for his church through elders/pastors.


When it comes to worship, it isn’t surprising that God hasn’t left us guessing. He has asked us to sing the psalms, hymns and spiritual songs from a book in the Bible called Psalms. This is God’s own perfect song book that he has written for us. You can listen to some examples of Psalm singing here.